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About Us

We empower educators with the skills and confidence to lead transformative outdoor adventures. Through expert training and ongoing support, we help you ignite learning that extends far beyond the classroom.

What is Bolt?

Bolt stands for British Outdoor Leadership Training. We are the pioneers in training teachers in best practice, risk mitigation and innovation in residential situations in both International and UK education. BOLT is passionate for supporting leaders and coordinators in developing their skills and confidence in experiential education no matter their personal interest or level of experience. BOLT offers what no-one else can, real world experienced practitioners who can coach both teaching staff and leaders in the most exciting, rewarding but also most dangerous and dynamic element of school age education, outdoor education and educational visits.


Founded by seasoned practitioners with extensive experience in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, our team is committed to empowering teachers and school leadership. We specialise in providing bespoke, targeted training for class teachers, residential trip leaders, middle and upper leadership, to give them the best training to lead with confidence and the students they care for the best, and most safe experiences. Our programs range from providing basics in outdoor education skills, group management and team building for teachers up to programme initiation and development, ensuring that educators are equipped with the skills to implement best practices outside the traditional classroom setting.

British Outdoor Leadership Training

What is Bolt?

Let's Work Together

Ignite your students' passion for learning beyond the classroom. BOLT Coaching empowers you with the tools and support to create unforgettable outdoor experiences.

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