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Igniting Teacher Adventures

British Outdoor Leadership Training

BOLT Coaching empowers educators at all levels to design and lead safe, inspiring outdoor learning experiences. Gain the skills and confidence to take your students beyond the classroom for unforgettable adventures.

BOLT Coaching empowers educators at all levels to design and lead safe, inspiring outdoor learning experiences.

BOLT helps forward-thinking schools design experiential learning programs. We provide leaders with the tools to assess risks, boost staff engagement, and create life-changing experiences that give students an edge.

Principals & Senior Management

Are you ready to build your career in outdoor education? BOLT provides training, resources, and support to empower passionate leaders and coordinators. Gain the skills, recognition, and confidence to lead outdoor experiences.

Leaders &  Coordinators

Is your vision for outdoor education curriculum limited? BOLT partners with teachers to turn ideas into action. We help you gain teacher buy-in, manage risks effectively, and overcome obstacles, transforming frustration into success.


Parents want safe, enriching experiences for their children. BOLT helps schools choose the best path, whether staff-led or with external providers. We guide you through essential questions and risk assessments to avoid pitfalls in unregulated education.

External partners & volunteers

Who We Help

We Help

super curricular activities

Our Mission

At BOLT, our mission is to empower educators and leaders with the essential skills and unwavering support needed to plan, lead, and develop education beyond the classroom. Grounded in the belief that impactful learning extends far beyond traditional settings, we are dedicated to equipping teachers and leaders with the tools to innovate and inspire. Building capacity in Colleagues globally to deliver world class outdoor education and educational visits.


Through comprehensive training and ongoing guidance in a coaching setting, we strive to cultivate a community of empowered professionals who excel in planning and executing transformative educational experiences. Our ethos is built on the conviction that by fostering these capabilities, we contribute to the collective growth and success of educators, students, and communities alike. Join us in reshaping the future of education beyond conventional boundaries

We'll equip you with the essential risk management skills to navigate outdoor spaces with confidence. From wilderness first aid to dynamic risk assessments, you'll cultivate safety consciousness that protects both you and your students.

Confidence & Competence

Develop the logistical expertise to meticulously plan and execute adventures with clear learning objectives. Learn how to craft itineraries, secure necessary permits, and navigate logistical challenges – transforming ideas into seamless expeditions.

Planning with 

Hone your leadership style to facilitate group dynamics, foster inclusivity, and empower outdoor success. Master effective instructional techniques to nurture adventurous learners who thrive in unpredictable, but unforgettable, environments.

Leadership that

What You'll Learn

Stephanie Taylor

Education Development Officer 

States of Guernsey

Having worked with members of the BOLT team for many years, I highly recommend any schools or organisations hoping to develop high quality outdoor learning to consider accessing their professional development support. As highly skilled communicators and educators themselves, BOLT’s CPD and coaching offer is the gold standard in supporting you to plan and deliver an outstanding enrichment programme for outdoor learning. The BOLT team excels in listening to understand your unique setting and needs. Their tailored support draws on rich experience honed over years of working in educational settings. BOLT offers a safe pair of hands to guide your school’s next steps forward. I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

Janna Stammeijer,

Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator,  

Saffron Walden County High,



BOLT coaches empowered me to plan and lead expeditions with confidence. They were super approachable and gave sound advice, helping me improve communication with my senior management team. They fully embrace my vision for education outside the classroom and provide support as I look to develop my vocational programme for my students.

Asfia Naveed

Lead Science Technician,

British School Muscat,

Sultanate of Oman

"I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance provided by my BOLT coach this year. He went above and beyond to understand my strengths, interests, and career aspirations, providing tailored advice and resources every step of the way. Thanks to his encouragement and expertise, I feel confident and prepared to embark on my professional journey. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking professional development and career advancement. Thank you for everything!"

Chris Planchant,

Grade 9 and 10 Phase Leader, 

Cheltenham College,


Sultanate of Oman

I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to our BOLT coach for his invaluable help and guidance in setting up the International Award at Cheltenham Muscat this year. His support with organisational matters and his expertise in establishing and running the award have been indispensable.


BOLT dedication to this project was evident from the very beginning. Providing comprehensive advice on structuring the award program, ensuring that all necessary components were in place for a successful launch. His attention to detail and proactive approach helped us navigate potential challenges seamlessly.

Throughout the entire process, Our BOLT coach was always approachable and willing to share his wealth of knowledge. His passion for the International Award was infectious.

We sincerely hope that the collaborative relationship we have built can continue to flourish. The foundation that BOLT has helped build will undoubtedly contribute to the long-term success of the International Award at Cheltenham Muscat.


Thank you once again, for your support Your contributions have made a significant impact, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future.

Why Work With Us


Our team isn't just delivering theory; we've walked the walk. We draw upon vast real-world experience in outdoor education to equip you with practical, proven strategies.

Bespoke Support

Forget generic workshops. We customise our programs to your school's needs, whether that's skill-building for new teachers or leadership development for seasoned trip leaders.

Individual Growth

We share your passion for innovation and embrace the power of safe, impactful outdoor experiences to shape students' character and learning.


Responsible risk-taking starts with thorough preparation. We instil best practices to minimise risks and create the safest possible environment for student adventures.


Learning comes alive in the great outdoors. We believe every student deserves the chance to experience wonder, build resilience, and make transformative discoveries.


Confident teachers cultivate independent learners. We empower educators of all levels to lead outdoor initiatives with clarity and determination.


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Discover our blog, where we provide helpful information, tips and tricks, and stories about outdoor leadership training. 

Let's Work Together

Ignite your students' passion for learning beyond the classroom. BOLT Coaching empowers you with the tools and support to create unforgettable outdoor experiences.

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